VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Crowds of people are expected to gather in Virginia Beach Tuesday night for a vigil to memorialize victims of drunken driving.

The vigil is held by the Mothers Against Drunk Driving Southside Virginia chapter at the Founders Inn and Spa.

Attorney Michael Goodove, the president of the Southside Virginia chapter, will read the names of about 100 people from Hampton Roads who were killed by drunk drivers.

"We memorialize the unfortunate local victims of drunk driving. It's really a support for those victims as well as recognizing law enforcement officers that are so vital to our efforts," said Goodove.

Goodove said drunken driving is more of a problem around the holiday season.

“From the Thanksgiving Holiday through New Year’s tends to be the deadliest time on the road with respect for impaired drivers,” said Goodove.

Officers with Virginia Beach’s Fatal Crash Team are among those who join the vigil. Also, several prosecutors from jurisdictions throughout Hampton Roads will be in attendance.