SUFFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- An elderly couple in Suffolk living in a condemned home is getting a new one, free of charge.

Contractor Ywain Young was building a house on Nansemond Parkway when he met Lonnie and Cora Scott, a couple who lived next door.

“The first time I met Mr. Scott, right off the snap, you just knew that this guy is one of those individuals,” said Young, “There’s something that resonates out of him that you feel.”

For the past 30 years of their 65-year marriage, Lonnie and Cora have lived in their home on Nansemond Parkway. However, as the years have passed, their home got in bad shape.

“It’s been here so many years and it’s deteriorating,” said Cora Scott.

The house was in such bad shape that the City of Suffolk officially condemned it – but the couple still lived inside. When Young realized this, he said he had to do something about it.

“It wasn’t about the money, it wasn’t about what you give or what you take, it’s about just increasing your spirit of love and making it right.”

So Young built the Scotts a new home right behind their current one – free of charge.

“We got new cabinets, we got Frigidaire, we got what do you call it? A dishwasher. Yeah, he gave all that to us,” laughed Lonnie Scott.

“He’s a miracle. He’s a blessing,” added Cora Scott. “God sent him to us and we appreciate him. Thank God for him.”

The Scotts will be able to move into their new home in about two weeks. Once they do, Young said he’ll demolish their current one and lay down some landscaping so they can enjoy the view from their brand new porch.