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MAKING A MARK: Nonprofit donates comfort items to people battling cancer

The No Ordinary Woman 2.0 Foundation is collecting items for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, adding a little comfort to their care.

NORFOLK, Va. — The No Ordinary Woman 2.0 Foundation, also known as NOW 2.0, was created to uplift and encourage women.

"When we started the organization, it was all about being able to empower the next woman, to inspire her, for her to walk in her own purpose, for her to serve her own truth," said Tina Roberts, president of the organization.

"If they need something, the most important thing is to say, 'we got you','" said team member Joyce Austin.

The nonprofit's latest charity event, 'Chaps, Caps, Covers & Candy' collects chap sticks, head coverings, socks, blankets and hard candies for women and men undergoing chemotherapy for cancer treatment.

"Chaps because they spoke on how their lips would become extremely dry... Caps is to cover your head, any time of head covering... Covers-- you would wrap yourself in a blanket because you're always cold, and candy... because you lose your taste. So, it would give you that special oomph," Roberts explained. 

NOW 2.0 has delivered items to three local infusion centers so far. Austin said she is proud to contribute to the effort as a survivor of colon cancer.

"Now, [we're] doing something that I personally went through." she said.

 "It's enlightening to be able to share and people understand."

A cancer diagnosis can be scary and overwhelming. Roberts and Austin said they hope the donations let people know they are not alone.

"Right now, we don't have a lot of money," Austin said.

 "But we got time, and we have energy, and we want to be there for anyone that's really in need."

"They can lean on us," Roberts said. 

"And they can have the comfort of these items to help get them through their treatment."

NOW 2.0 partnered with Norfolk State University's WNSB HOT 91.1 FM to get the word out about 'Chaps, Caps, Covers & Candy'. 

The nonprofit is collecting these items, which will be delivered to cancer treatment centers across Hampton Roads.

If you'd like to donate items, contact the foundation through its website, Facebook, or Instagram page.

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