VIRGINIA BEACH-- Parents, would you do anything to help make sure your children's dreams come true? Fourteen year-old Alana Springsteen's family is packing everything up to move to Nashville to help her make a run at being a country music star.

"It's hard to leave because this is all I've ever known," Alana said. "My mom's side of the family is here so it'll definitely be hard to leave. And the beach, I'm going to miss the beach!"

But it's hard not to miss her talent. When 13NewsNow first introduced Alana to viewers 5 years ago, she was performing for seniors at a retirement home in Chesapeake. She was 9 years old.

We described her voice as being "the voice of an angel".

"Singing is my favorite thing to do I just love it so much," Alana said. "Music is a great way to express yourself."

We've seen her express herself in front of thousands of people -- belting out the national anthem to thunderous applause at Harbor Park before Tides baseball games, at Scope before Admirals hockey games, and at Wrigley Field in Chicago before a Cubs game.

"It was surreal. Looking back I can't believe I was 9 years old," Alana said. "I did it, it's crazy, what an honor, so much fun."

She also had fun on stage in Virginia Beach when the band "Sugarland" invited her to sing with them. It was then when her dad said something that would ring so true today.

"When God opens a door, you have to go through it," said David Springsteen, Alana's dad.

Now, she's busting right through that door to Nashville, the capital of country music. She signed a publishing deal, meaning she's going out there as a songwriter. It's her first big break.

"I want to share my talent with everyone," Alana said. "I've been given this for a reason and I think it's meant to share."

But sharing it comes at a cost. They're leaving their family and friends behind. It's tough for Alana's father, mother, and 3 younger brothers.

"There have been a lot of good memories here, a lot of laughter, a lot of singing," said Shannon Springsteen, Alana's mother. "Alana learned to play the guitar in this house, she's written songs in her bedroom."

"It's bittersweet," said Jayden Springsteen, Alana's brother. "But for Alana it's big and it's huge. She's got a publishing deal. I'm excited for her and I'm leaving my family and friends, but I'm excited for her."

"As a father I cannot explain how proud I am of her," said Alana's dad. "We are so thrilled for her and want to help her."

Alana says her family is her backbone, her support network. She loves her mom and dad, who developed her love of music. She wants to be a role model for her little brothers.

"I hope I am a good example for them," Alana said. "I want to show them how to live. That sounds really big for a 14 year old but I really do want to be a good example for them."

And part of that is being brave enough to leave something secure to pursue your dreams.

"I'm so excited. I'm ready for it," she said.