NORFOLK, VA (WVEC-TV) -- Make no bones about it. It's the most talked-about thing at the museum right now.

"We've gotten communications from around the world," said Erik Neil, Director of the Chrysler Museum of Art.

And they're banking on all of those communications to turn into votes -- not for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

This vote will have worldwide implications ... in the worldwide battle called "Museum Dance Off 3".

"We've beaten teams in Canada, across the United States, and now we're up against the mighty nation of Australia," Erik said.

The Chrysler Museum of Art and the Museum Victoria in Melbourne, Australia are the two museums left standing after a battle that involved museum workers dancing and strutting in videos they made that show off their museum, and the spirit among the people who work there.

The big prizes are a trophy and bragging rights and the folks at the Chrysler Museum are going for glory. But, they feel like huge underdogs against their Australian foes.

"On their nightly news last night, they broadcast across the whole country for everybody to vote for their museum," said Jeff Tefft, an employee at the Chrysler Museum of Art. "That's 4 million people. We're not going to let that stop us."

They feel confident that their video, which captures them jamming to "Groove is in the Heart", is good enough to put them over the edge and let the world know what we know here in Norfolk -- that the Chrysler Museum of Art, rocks!

"Norfolk is going to show the continent of Australia who the boss really is," Jeff said.

It's a friendly competition, but remember: "We need your vote," Jeff said.

The voting ends at 8 a.m. Friday. Head to to determine who should win the dance off.

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