VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- He helps seniors exercise. He runs with them on the treadmill. He takes them out for walks. He cheers them on when they roll their way to greatness playing video games like Wii Bowling.

Those are just some of the ways Tucker, the therapy dog, makes his mark on seniors at the Atlantic Shores Retirement Community in Virginia Beach, motivating them to stay active; cheering them up just by standing, or laying, by their side.

"Love and affection," said resident Rusty DePaul. "No matter how bad you are he still loves you."

PHOTOS: Tucker the therapy dog

Rusty says Tucker is an example of why people should adopt rescue dogs. Tucker was abused by his old owner. Jason Herring adopted him, gave him a lot of love, and gave him a new leash on life.

Rusty sees the difference.

"He's done a complete personality change," Rusty said. "He let's everybody pet him where before he shied away."

Jason is the Aquatics and Fitness Director at Atlantic Shores. He and Tucker are inseparable.

"He can brighten everyone's day," Jason said. "That's why I bring him to work all the time. Residents get mad at me if I take a day off because they don't get to see Tucker."

"He means the world," Jason said. "He's a light in this place."