NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Dog treats are great, but do you know what’s in those snacks your furry friends love so much?

Ediya Brookins said her dog, Remy, was allergic to many of the ingredients in those snacks.

A few years ago, her beloved rescue dog Remy started having a weird reaction to food.

“She started having a really bad odor. I took her to the vet and we discovered she had a food allergy to a lot of the pet treats and mainly because of the preservatives and ingredients outside of the regular food that they put in the pet treats,” said Brookins.

So Brookins started creating homemade treats for her dog Remy.

But the treats quickly went from being just Remy's to sold at events and now sold out of the Selden Market in downtown Norfolk. The business is called the Crumbsnatcher Café and is now one of several pop up shops at the market.

“I started getting in my kitchen, doing a little research online, finding out what's safe for dogs to have. Based off of the fact that I had a dog who had food allergies,” said Brookins.

The Crumbsnatcher Café was started in 2009. Brookins said her recipe for success is: keep it simple.

According to Tufts University Veterinarian School, food allergies in pets are not as common as many people think but food is one of many possible causes for allergies in pets.

Sadly, Brookins’ dog Remy passed away a year ago, but she said she would not be in business without Remy coming into her life. The best treat about being a business owner now is helping others.

“It makes me happy to know on a small scale I am helping to solve an issue for a lot of households,” said Brookins.