VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. (WVEC) – Marco’s Pizza is now open on Independence Boulevard. There are only a few across Hampton Roads, and soon there may be more.

Andrew Schneider and Kevin Stansick own the franchise restaurant, and are both Navy veterans.

Schneider explained, "Kevin was on his way to retiring, I was on my way to retiring. The Navy did a good job keeping us in the same place. We realized we had similar goals."

Schneider said at 15, he started his first job at a Marco’s Pizza in Ohio. He said he always felt a connection to the restaurant, and the delicious pizza.

When he was up for retirement, he decided to try once again the pizza he used to love.

He said, “I made the decision to try the pizza and if it was as good as it was when I worked there years ago, I said I would look into franchising."

Schneider said it was better than good, and his friend Kevin Stansick agreed. Now they are two veterans-turned-pizza shop owners.

They are continuing to serve their communities, just in a different way. Both men said it's been the best adventure, being your own boss and doing something fun every day. They are even thinking about adding another location.

"To continue to build Marco's Pizza, so it can be delivered in every house in Hampton Roads."