VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) --- Mount Trashmore is, by itself, a canvas for the community.

It’s a place where you paint the picture, whether you’re there for nature, exercise or just fun.

For Gwen Stace it’s simply home.

“I’ve lived two miles away since 1957,” said Stace.

Stace walks up and down the staircases at Mount Trashmore three days a week.

All three staircases at the local landmark will be replaced, but before that happens one of them will be turned into its own piece of art.

A colorful staircase mural will be the region’s next big art installment, and the City of Virginia Beach has spent the last month collecting ideas from local artists.

A panel will pick the top three designs, then the public will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite idea.

“I can picture my own ideas,” said Stace. “Even starting back in colonial times and working your way up into modern day with some design on each level.”

Stace isn’t an artist, but she’s hoping others will step up with creative ideas.

The city is drawing its own inspiration from staircase murals already painted in Chile and South Korea.

Click here to vote for your favorite stairway mural design. The survey will be open through March 7.