CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WVEC) -- Joseph Allmond stood just feet away from his sister's home Sunday. It’s a place he's been to, so many times before.

"We were just here for Christmas. We had dinner, all the family met here for Christmas. Everybody was just having a good, joyful time," Allmond said

"It was just a home of comfort, love we just came together as one," said family member, Andra Smith.

It was a united front Sunday from family members and neighbors. Eyes were fixed on the debris.

A family of three is now without a home after not one, but two fires, ripped through the structure on Copper Stone Circle over the weekend.

"It's a disaster, Smith said.

Officials said the first fire started in the garage New Year’s Eve. It was put out in minutes and caused some damage.

"But the rest of the house was pretty in-tact," said neighbor Dina Jorgensen.

Another fire ignited just hours later early New Year’s Day, according to fire officials.

"I've never seen a house burn like that with the flames coming out the windows…through the roof," Jorgensen said.

It was the second fire that did the most damage, Jorgensen said. Loved ones were shocked to find all the family valuables and keepsakes destroyed.

Officials are looking into what caused the fire, but don't suspect foul play.

Allmond says the family is being taken care of and staying at a loved one's home.

Through it all, many are thinking of what's important this new year, like the gift of life.

"If they were asleep, they probably wouldn't have made it out to see the new year," said Smith. "All you have now is just memories to go on. I just thank God they're here."

Video: Courtesy- Dina J.