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Chesapeake city leaders set to vote on higher speeding fines in neighborhood streets

Chesapeake homeowners said they are tired of drivers using their streets like a racetrack.

CHESAPEAKE, Va. — On Tuesday, Chesapeake city leaders looked over new proposal to try to make drivers slow down when driving through Chesapeake.

On the side of Mel Miller’s home sits a sign he made hoping drivers see it and follow its message to “Slow Down!”

“I just move this around and stick it right in the curb here,” said Miller.

This sign sits on Fairway Drive in the Greenbrier section of the city.

Miller said he has lived on Fairway Drive in Chesapeake for the past 20 years and has become an advocate of people driving the speed limit.

“We have people zipping by all of the times of day and night. And you wave to them, you know give them a friendly wave and usually get one finger in return,” said Miller.

Fairway Drive is one of seven streets where city leaders want to increase speeding fines. The other streets are the following:

  • Belvedere Dr., from Pineridge Dr. to Silverwood Blvd
  • Butterfly Dr., from Warrick Rd to Parker Rd
  • Fairway Dr, from Greenbrier Pkwy to Volvo Pkwy
  • Hall Dr., from Cedar Rd to Albemarle Dr.
  • Lindale Dr., from Campostella Rd to Debaun Ave
  • Mann Dr., from Cedar Rd to Albemarle Dr.
  • Wilson Dr., from Cedar Rd to Albemarle Dr.

Other homeowners said some drivers speed almost 10 miles faster than the posted speed limit sign, which is 25 miles per hour.

“One of the things they have in common is they have a connection from two major arteries; major highways that connect. So people go through and they want to save time and unfortunately risk people’s lives,” said Chesapeake Mayor Rick West.

The constant speeding is also causing problems for people on Belvedere Drive. People living there have concerns for their safety too.

“A lot of people don’t want to go out walking early in the morning because of that,” said Chesapeake homeowner Dennis Wilkinson.

While some think the changes city leaders want to make will help, one resident doesn't think it will slow drivers down. He's asking for speed tables.

“I mean, since I’ve lived here, I’ve lost two cats. I’ve seen three other animals get nailed. I’ve seen four children almost get hit,” said Chesapeake resident Steve Supchak.

If the vote is approved and someone is caught speeding, they will have to pay $200 fine.

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