CHESAPEAKE, Va. — Chesapeake Public Schools partnered with Chesapeake Police and Fire Departments to conduct an active threat situation for school employees.

The Active Threat Response (ATR) Training Exercise will give teachers and staff a hands-on experience of how to react during serious situations.

The training will be held over the summer on August 15, 2019, at Hickory High School

This training exercise will allow the coordination of multiple agencies to practice response protocols and continue existing partnerships that ensure the safety of our schools and community.  

Agencies participating in the exercise will include the Chesapeake Police and Fire Departments, Chesapeake Sheriff’s Office, Department of Health and Community Services, SWAT, Chesapeake Parks and Recreation, Animal Control, Public Communications, and Dispatch.

Training for Chesapeake Public School administrators has already begun with the completion of the last session anticipated in April.