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Chesapeake kids hoping to raise $1k for rescued huskies with lemonade stand

The Smith Siblings decided to open up a lemonade stand and sell treats to help the dogs.

CHESAPEAKE, Va. — On a hot July day, there’s nothing like a glass of refreshing lemonade. But these kids are serving drinks for a good cause.

Siblings Lennon, Lily and Logan Smith are running a lemonade stand to help pay for the medical expenses of four neglected huskies taken in by the Norfolk SPCA.

“I wanted to help the huskies so they would feel all better,” Lennon said.

Logan added: “I wanted to help the huskies, too.”

Norfolk SPCA leaders say all of the huskies, three adults and one puppy, were in bad shape when another rescue group brought them into the shelter from a backyard breeder in North Carolina.

According to the SPCA, the medical care costs an average of $6,000 per dog.

Mom and dad, Randi and Colby Smith said the siblings are hoping to make a dent in that.

“Initially I said $500 but we already surpassed that so our goal today, I would love to see -$1,000 would be amazing," Randi Smith said.

Randi Smith said her kids handed out fliers for the big lemonade stand event to spread the word about the fundraiser, and they’re pleased with the turnout.

“They went all around by foot and by bike, handing out fliers – at least over 150," she said.

The Smith family is full of animal lovers, and they say they just wanted to do something to help.

“I’m so proud of them," Colby Smith said. "It’s great that they’re getting together, especially working together as a team, it’s great to see that for sure.”

The kids plan to donate the money to the SPCA Monday afternoon. In total, the SPCA is hoping to collect $25,000 in donations to help care for the dogs.

Randi Smith said: “Our oldest Lennon said, ‘A little thing turned into such a big thing. People think I cant do much but if everyone does a little bit, it can go a long way.’”

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