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Chesapeake shooting survivor calls for end to gun violence

A man who survived the shooting on Holly Cove Drive in Chesapeake, said he wants the change for the community.

CHESAPEAKE, Va. — A man who survived a shooting in Chesapeake said gun violence has to end.

Antonio Roseboro said he was shot in the neck when he ran after gunfire erupted on Holly Cove Drive on Memorial Day weekend. 

Chesapeake Police said a fight between two groups of people led to the gunfire that hit 10 people at a large party in Holly Cove and killed 27-year-old Brandon Smith of Suffolk

Roseboro said the party was fun and then everything changed.

“[There was] a bounce house, ice cream trucks, and then it was like a nightmare, at around like 9:45, I'll never forget it. And once we started running I felt something hit me,” said Roseboro. 

Roseboro said that a bullet hit him right in his neck while he saved his friends.

"If it would have hit two inches further back, it would have hit my spinal cord and I would have been paralyzed. And if it would have gone a little bit more towards the front, it would have gone through my throat,” said Roseboro. 

Roseboro said just a week later the memories came flooding back when he heard 12 people were shot and killed in Virginia Beach.

"I'm heartbroken over what happened in Virginia Beach. People didn't wake up that morning thinking they was going to go to work and die. I didn't wake up that morning and go to Holley Cove thinking I was going to get shot, I would have never gone,” said Roseboro. 

Roseboro said gun violence is stripping loved ones from the community and that it has to end.

"In Virginia Beach, that man wasn't thinking about them. He was thinking about himself. He had a plan... he wasn't thinking about them, look at all those people who are heartbroken over that,” said Roseboro. 

Roseboro said he only has one word for people who commit these horrible acts.

"You never know who was really needing that person, depending on that person. You took their life away, that's selfish, that's a coward. That's a coward move."