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Chesapeake tea bar, eatery opens in Greenbrier Mall

Reignforest Tea Bar Owner, Tiquerra Brown said guests can take Instagram pics while ordering a Signature Lemon Pear Green Tea.

CHESAPEAKE, Va. — Author's Note: The above video is on file from Sept. 13, 2021.

It's time for tea! There's a new boutique cafe in Chesapeake that you'll want to visit. 

The Reignforest Tea Bar announced that it opened in Greenbrier Mall and it's not just selling tea. This cafe is offering guests "street food" with a healthy twist.

It's a modern-style cafe that was inspired by the world's Blue Zones, which are known for their health and longevity. People will have a chance to chat while sipping tea or grabbing a bite to eat. You can also order a to-go meal.

The tea bar owner, Tiquerra Brown said, "I pay attention to what’s missing in the marketplace. People are craving human interaction. They miss meeting up with friends for a lunch date." 

She said, "In today’s uncertain social climate, we want our guests to feel at home."

Brown believes happiness is a choice and that it's possible to obtain. She was running her business online before opening a physical location this month.

The new spot inside the small is "Instagramable" and customers can flick it up to share their experience when they visit, Brown added.

The menu offers a variety of items from hot and cold drinks, to avocado toast and sandwiches. If you're visiting soon, Brown recommends their best-selling Lavender Lemonade and Signature Lemon Pear Green Tea.

For more information on the hours of operation visit the Reignforest Tea Bar website.

Author's Note: The video below is on file from April 29, 2021.

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