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Hemp coming to Hampton Roads, Chesapeake Facility ready to get in on the action

A Colorado-based company hopes to get a license to produce hemp in Chesapeake.

CHESAPEAKE, Va. — "Everything Diesel," a Colorado-based hemp production company, hopes to get a license to process hemp in Chesapeake.

They plan to use an empty 24,000 square-foot building to process and extract CBD from hemp, a type of cannabis plant, in order to produce CBD products.

Andy McFie, an investor of the company said they plan to use part of the building as a growing room and another part of the building to process the industrial hemp.

"We're just in a real changing time in the world today and were just happy to be on the cutting edge of it," said McFie.

If the company gets licensed and the city approves the use of the building for processing hemp, the company plans to start shipping products along the East Coast, overseas and wherever else there's demand.

Some residents aren't happy about the idea.

"No I don't wanna mess with it. It's not something I would want to try," said Chesapeake resident Melissa Roscoe.

Others, see the benefits it could provide.

"If it benefits somebody from going without pain or whatever ails them, if it helps, why not?" commented Victoria Arnold, a Chesapeake resident.

The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has issued 731 hemp grower registrations and 119 industrial hemp processor registrations already.

"Everything Diesel" hopes to start producing out of Chesapeake by Fall of this year, but it depends on how soon and if they get licensed.

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