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Jimmy Kimmel pokes fun at Chesapeake trick-or-treat law

Police have said they've never enforced the law, but that hasn't prevented late night TV from poking fun.

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WVEC) — The city of Chesapeake has come under scrutiny this October for an ordinance that makes it illegal for teenagers to trick-or-treat, with a potential punishment of going to jail.

Police said they’ve never enforced the law, but that hasn’t prevented late night TV from poking fun.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! recently faked an interview with "Chesapeake Police Sergeant Buck DePalma," played by actor Fred Willard.

“Is Chesapeake really going to enforce this law of locking up kids? With all due respect, this sounds obsessive,” asked Kimmel.

“You haven’t seen what I’ve seen out on the streets, you soft boiled Hollywood powder puff,” answered the sergeant. “Have you ever faced three Princess Elsas rampaging through a pumpkin patch jacked out of their freakin' minds on Pixy Stix?"

13News Now showed these comedy clips to a group of 20-year-olds at Halloween City who do, in fact, plan on trick-or-treating.

“I honestly think it’s really funny,” said Jessica Fugate. She says when you think of the alternatives, police should feel relieved that teens want to still go trick-or-treating.

“[At] 20 years old, everyone else [who is] having Halloween things is mostly 21 and up, so I feel like the only thing to do some nights is go trick-or-treating,” said Fugate.

We also spoke with a couple of 16-year-olds who say they hope making fun of the police department on national TV persuades the city to change the law.

“I think it’s actually hilarious that one of the most viewed talk show people talked about Chesapeake,” said 16-year-old Mason Jessee.

Madison Zettlemoyer said the Jimmy Kimmel clip should remind everyone how innocent trick-or-treating is, not criminal.

“I mean, it brings back the joy of childhood," said Zettlemoyer. "I miss that stuff."

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