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MAKING A MARK: Chesapeake teens use music to help people deal with COVID-19 pandemic

Brothers Howie Stacy and Hassan Darden write and produce music. One of their newest tunes is for people searching for emotional relief from the impact of COVID-19.

CHESAPEAKE, Va. — Events have been canceled. Businesses are struggling to stay open. People are facing hardship and grief during the pandemic.

"2020 was filled with issues for everybody. And so, we just wanted to make something to uplift people," said 19-year-old Howie Stacy. He and his 18-year-old brother Hassan Darden, also known as Sani D, live in Chesapeake and write and produce music. 

One of their latest songs is for anyone who needs help coping with the crisis. "We always just try to stay relevant with what's going on, what's popular, what people are going through. And that's what we want our music to reflect at the time," said Stacy. 

Last summer, the duo put a message of spreading joy to a beat in the song entitled, "Find Happy." 

The song empathizes with people facing challenges during the crisis and encourages them to seek emotional relief. 

"I'm hoping that if they're in a negative headspace that after listening to the song, they'll be in a positive mindset," said Darden. "They'll continue their day with a smile on their face, they'll be happier throughout the year, [and] just keep replaying the song."

The brothers hope the tune comforts people who are stressed and anxious, even if only for the song's 3 minutes and 44 seconds. 

"Millions of other people have been struggling financially, mentally, [and] physically throughout the whole pandemic that's still ongoing," said Darden. "So, I want to make people smile and dance and just happy."

To watch the 'Find Happy' music video on YouTube. To check out more music by Howie Stacy & Sani D., visit https://myurls.co/howiestacyandsanid.

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