CHESAPEAKE, Va. — A pilot miraculously walked away from a plane crash Sunday afternoon in Chesapeake.

The plane took off from Chesapeake Regional Airport and was in the air for about 26 minutes before it went down in a soybean field off West Road.

Virginia State Police said the pilot was the only person on board. 

Neighbor Toby Vincent said he took pictures of the plane while it flew through the air to show to his kids later and that he was shocked when it crashed.

"I took pictures of it to show them and then I come down to this end of West Road and the plane's right there in the field," said Vincent. 

Neighbor Brendan Queen said the crash was just yards from his home.

"I look at that plane and I'm like, 'Man, if it had been how many more feet this way, he could have been in our backyard and crashed,'" said Queen. 

Queen said that the pilot was lucky to escape with no injuries at all.

"He got it down safely, but even that wasn't a guarantee for him. Because he didn't know hitting the ground, anything can blow up, so I'd say he got really lucky," said Queen. 

NTSB officials said they're still investigating the cause of the crash. But Queen said it was a very close call.

"People fly for fun every day, and you kind of take it for granted, but there's always a possibility that they could end up into a house or into a field like we saw today," said Queen.