CHESAPEAKE, Va. — City of Chesapeake police are warning people to be on the lookout for scam calls. 

Police say someone is calling residents, claiming to be a representative of the city’s Department of Development and Permits. The person then asks for remodel permits and personal information. 

Sandy Omen couldn’t believe that she was a target in the scam

“It was a man and it was a husky voice. He said that he was calling from the City of Chesapeake permits department,” she said. According to Omen, the man asked for personal information and that she’s just glad she was the one to pick up the phone, instead of a child.

“He asked for the address and hours that you would be home that they could come to the home. But a child could have picked that phone up and said, ‘Well my mom’s not home right now’ and they could have been home alone,” said Omen. 

Omen knew she had to call the police and make a report to get the word out to the community about the scammer. After multiple police reports with the same story, Chesapeake police are now warning residents to hang up if they get the call too. 

Chesapeake Police spokesman Leo Kosinski said the caller will ask a range of questions.

“It could be anything from your name, date of birth, financial information, social security number. Any type of stuff like that you would have to fill out forms for the city or the state. Our developments and permit department will never call you, so if they’re asking you that stuff, hang up right away,” said Kosinski.

Chesapeake Police are investigating, and they ask that if you get a call or have any information, to contact them immediately.