CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WVEC) -- People on social media have reported issues after filling up at a local gas station.

At Sam's Club in Western Branch, located in the 2400 block of Chesapeake Square Ring, diesel fuel was put into a regular-grade gas tank at the terminal that supplies the gas station. According to a spokeswoman for Sam's Club, the company was aware of this issue Friday morning.

As of Friday evening, signs were taped over the 87 octane option saying it was unavailable, customers could still purchase 93 octane gas for $2.56.

A Sam's Club spokesperson confirms they've also had diesel fuel show up in cars which bought regular gas at a Virginia Beach location.

David Jackson, a manager at the Norfolk Costco, confirms that store has experienced the same problem.

Right now, the Western Branch location is in the process of purging and cleaning its tank. They are working to have their pumps back to normal soon.

According to Autobytel, the worst thing car owners can do with diesel in their gas tanks is to keep driving. If anyone believes their car has unexpectedly been running on diesel it's recommended to call a mechanic right away.

The spokeswoman from Sam's Club said anyone who pumped diesel into a car that should have had regular gasoline, and experienced a problem, should contact the individual store from which they bought the fuel: Chesapeake 757-465-0082, Virginia Beach 757-631-9791.

Anyone who purchased bad fuel at Costco in Norfolk should contact the store directly at 757-459-4471.

Sam’s Club member William King gets gas there a lot, and he says that the company should pay for impacted cars to get fixed.

"They should not be held responsible for that, it wasn't their mistake. They can go ahead and bite the bullet. After they pay all their bills- they have a billion plus dollars left over,” said King.

Getting diesel out of those tanks can take some time, and money, according to John Anderson from Oceana Hobby Auto.

“Three to five-hundred dollars. Someone with a newer vehicle- it can go five to fifteen-hundred dollars,” said Anderson. And if you aren’t sure if your car was impacted, look for the signs, and take action.

“Acceleration, it's starting to stumble. It'll kill all the spark plugs. And no power- you just wonder what happened- why it died down, and why its dying. Stop the vehicle, cut it off, get it out-get it pumped.” Says Anderson.

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