CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WVEC) -- A Facebook video of a bus driver in Chesapeake letting students off to cross a railroad track with a parked train and crossing gate down has gone viral.

The incident took place at the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Old Atlantic Avenue on Tuesday around 4:30 p.m.

Chesapeake truck driver, Patrick Priest, is the one who recorded the moments on camera.

"I happened to just look up and saw the door open on the bus, and his kids started getting off, and I was like 'where they going?'" Priest said.

Since posting the video, Priest said his videos have received mixed reactions on Facebook over who’s responsible, the students or the bus driver?

"It could be the kids, you know, or could be the driver, you know, and I was like there are cameras on buses, and I’m sure they’re going to review it to see if the kids did something," said Priest.

"To me, if it’s a kid you know you’re the bus driver you’re responsible for their safety," said Priest.

Priest said he called the transportation line for the Chesapeake Public School District, but no one picked up.

Neighbors around the train tracks told 13News Now that it’s not the first time, but hopefully the last time someone crosses the train tracks illegally.

Dustin Smith works as a mechanic at an automobile shop along the train tracks called K&D Auto.

"I mean every great once in a while you’ll see somebody, but never anybody getting off a school bus," said Smith.

He said he saw and heard students climbing through a parked Norfolk Southern Train after getting off Chesapeake Public School bus 191.

Smith said, "I think it’s a little crazy on the bus drivers part."

It is still unclear why the students were let off the bus and allowed to climb over the tracks. Chesapeake School District told 13News Now they do not comment on personnel matters and investigations.

Norfolk Southern’s spokeswoman, Susan Terpay, said the train in the video was stopped for 25 to 30 minutes.

"We have reached out to the school. We are talking with them," said Terpay.

According to Terpay, the number to contact the Police Communication center to report when trains need to move is 800-453-2530.

Due to this incident, Norfolk Southern plans on putting a ‘flag-man’ at this location during heavy traffic, to make sure trains move when needed to and prevent these kinds of incidents.

"It’s extremely dangerous and potentially deadly," said Terpay. "The train can move, anytime."

Norfolk Southern said climbing over the train, or crossing the tracks when the crossing guard is down, is against the law.

Neighbors also point out that there’s a bridge over the track, just down the street, so anyone can go over the train delays without having to cross the tracks.

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