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Hampton 4-year-old, Codi Bigsby, missing for 2 months

A spokesman for the Hampton Police Division said there are no updates in the case. Still, community groups are helping search for Codi.

HAMPTON, Va. — Two long months have passed since the disappearance of Hampton 4-year-old Codi Bigsby.

Hampton police said the boy’s father, Cory Bigsby, reported him missing on January 31.

A spokesman for the Hampton Police Division said there are no updates in the case. Still, community groups are helping search for Codi.

“While there is a 4-year-old missing child, the question now becomes, 'Will he be found?'” said Water Team Inc. founder Joe Slabinski.

Water Team Inc., a nonprofit search team, started looking for Codi when his father reported him missing. Many people throughout the community and Hampton Roads have conducted their own searches too.

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"Nobody has found anything that pertained to Codi,” Slabinski said.

Slabinski said his team has covered a lot of ground.

“But it becomes now, where do you go next?” Slabinski asked. “We have kind of run our course in Hampton, still looking at areas in Norfolk, still looking at areas in York County. Williamsburg, we are starting to play around with some areas up there, along the interstate.”

More than 25,000 followers on a Facebook group dedicated to Codi haven’t given up either. The page is called "Codi Bigsby- Missing from Hampton, Va."

“They are just so invested in keeping his name alive and posting his pictures still,” said page co-creator Karena Thomas.

Thomas said the group wants to see him come home.

“We all thought he would be found by now,” Thomas said.

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Slabinski said his group can only search one to two days a week now, and said others are scaling back too.

“BLM 757, their searches have become more limited, our searches have become more limited and, unfortunately, Codi is not the only one out in the environment,” Slabinski said.

But no matter what, Slabinski said his team isn’t giving up on Codi.

“Until someone either brings him forward or he is found, whatever condition he is in, the goal is to bring the mission to a close, which means Codi comes home however he comes home,” Slabinski said.

Slabinski said Water Team Inc. is also starting a writing campaign to Gov. Glenn Youngkin, asking for more vetted search teams for cases like this. They also want law enforcement to give more information to help point search teams in the right direction.

Codi’s father, Cory Bigsby, is scheduled to be in Hampton Circuit Court and Hampton Juvenile Domestic Relations District Court on Tuesday. He is facing charges for several counts of child neglect unrelated to Codi’s case.

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