HAMPTON, Va. (WVEC) -- Volunteers who give so much to their community, are now asking the community for help.

Volunteers at Empowered Believers Christian Learning Center in Hampton deliver meals to low-income families in the community.

Right now, the number of people they help is decreasing because the church’s van recently broke down. Volunteers are now using their own cars to go out and service the community.

Cherie Veney is the director of administrative services at Empowered Believers Christian Learning Center.

She says they receive and collect donated food from local grocery stores, the Hampton Food Bank, local food producers and private individuals. They also sort, organize, store and distribute over thousands of pounds of food each year, without charge, to impoverished families living in our community.

The number of clients they serve continues to increase during the cold months.

“We've been without (transportation) and the community is suffering,” Veney says. “It's stressful trying to load as much in the car but you can't, so you know someone is going without breakfast or lunch.”

Empowered Believers Christian Learning Center also provides tailored methods that promote individualized growth, conflict resolution, academic excellence, and socioeconomic mobility.

Such methods consist of free tutoring services, after school programs and summits, individualize and family counseling, one-on- one mentorship, life adeptness courses, employment and career readiness counseling and outings to educational, professional, and social activities that enhance academic aspirations and community involvement among the youth.

Veney and the many volunteers say they desperately need the community's help to make sure their needs are met.

“If you have a 15-passenger van, monetary contributions, if you're a dealership, whatever you can do to help,” Veney pleads.

You can contact Empowered Believers Christian Learning Center at (757) 240-5834, or visit the church’s website to donate.