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Hampton police chief updates city council on search for Codi Bigsby

Tensions grew at the council meeting as speakers accused the mayor, council members, and Chief Mark Talbot of not doing enough the find the missing 4-year-old boy.

HAMPTON, Va. — It's been 10 days and we still don't know what happened to 4-year-old Codi Bigsby.

As the days go on and the outcome feels grim, the community in Hampton has not given up hope and they are eager for answers. A small but vocal group marched to Hampton City Hall Wednesday night.

"I really wanted to come out here to show my support just because that could be my little cousin that could be my niece or my nephew out there that needs to be found," says Mahogany Waldon.

The group of about 15 made their way into the Hampton City Council meeting where Codi was on everyone’s mind.

"We remember tonight and pray for Codi’s family we pray God that someway, somehow this young boy will be found," prayed Councilman Steven Brown.

After multiple speakers questioned where the mayor and City Council have been during the search, Hampton Police Chief Mark Talbot told the crowd he’s received their support behind the scenes of the investigation.

"I want to start by thanking you all for not being a distraction throughout a very long and difficult investigation," said Talbot. "Obviously, the public has no way of knowing the number of conversations that I’ve had with you all and the emails, the phone calls, nobody knows that. Nobody needs to know that."

From there, the tension between activists and the chief grew.

"Y’all want to sit here and call somebody a distraction? This is a distraction. Get your hands off me, pretty boy," said local organizer Japharii Jones as officers escorted him out of council chambers as he yelled expletives in his bullhorn.

“This is emblematic of what we’ve tried hard to avoid," said Talbot in response. "We didn’t want it to become a sideshow."

Talbot said he wants to reassure everyone they are still very dedicated to this investigation and finding Codi.

"We’ve followed the evidence from day one. It was very clear to us the evidence about what likely occurred has been very clear. There is little about this that has been mysterious."

After the meeting, Mayor Donnie Tuck responded to the criticism from some of the speakers.

"No, I have not been out there, other council members have not been out there, but again, we trust our police department that they will hopefully have a positive outcome and if he's not found, then we will prosecute the individuals who are responsible for his disappearance and whatever else happens as a result of his disappearance," said Tuck. "At this point, it would almost just be a matter of show to be there."

He says his hearts and prayers are with Codi's family and he has full confidence in the chief and his department that they're doing everything they can.

"They know what they’re looking for, they know where to search and hopefully this will be brought to a positive conclusion. There’s a lot of doubt, but hopefully, it will get resolved."

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