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Cory Bigsby faces 30 charges related to child neglect, abuse

While these charges are all unrelated to Codi's disappearance, if he's convicted, he faces up to 162 years in prison.

HAMPTON, Va. — Author's note: The video above is on file from a separate story on Bigsby's preliminary hearing that aired on June 13, 2022.

A grand jury has determined that there's enough evidence for Cory Bigsby to go to trial for over 30 charges, a source says.

If he's convicted, he could face up to 162 years in prison.

Bigsby has been held in jail and denied bond five times before the grand jury met on July 5 to determine the extent of charges he faces and whether or not they are supported by evidence. 

Cory Bigsby originally faced seven charges of child neglect that were unrelated to the disappearance of his child, which captured both local and national attention. 

His son, 4-year-old Codi Bigsby, was reported missing to the Hampton Police Division on January 31.

For months, search teams and the public have banded together at various times to search for the 4-year-old, but he has not yet been found.

When police brought Bigsby in for questioning about Codi, he allegedly told them he sometimes left his young children home alone. That led to the child neglect charges.

Now, Bigsby faces 30 charges, which include 28 felonies and two misdemeanors. 

His charges now include: 

  • 7 counts of child neglect and endangerment
  • 15 direct counts of child neglect related to leaving children alone 
  • 2 direct counts of child abuse
  • 4 direct counts for child neglect related to the child abuse charges
  • 2 Misdemeanors for failing to seek medical attention for injured child

Here's how his case has gone so far:

Bigsby's attorney, Amina Matheny-Willard, released the following statement Tuesday evening:

“Today the Hampton Commonwealth’s Attorney announced a 30-count indictment against Cory Bigsby. The law enforcement cover up in this case is shocking, and the result is a desperate father sitting in jail while his son is missing. Because the Commonwealth’s Attorney knows that Cory is innocent, he cannot indict Cory for the disappearance of Codi Bigsby … because he is innocent. They locked him up, deprived him of a lawyer, and tortured him in an effort to secure a confession. They soon realized, a combat veteran turned innocent father doesn’t break, and he doesn’t confess to a crime he didn’t commit. When police realized Cory was innocent, they should have moved on to other potential suspects.

Instead, law enforcement doubled down. Our criminal justice system’s history is littered with cases like this, where the “ends justify the means” to arrogant police and prosecutors. As we see in case after case where corrupt police were able to obtain forced confessions – the state was wrong.

The Commonwealth is likewise wrong here, and in this case, Cory Bigsby withstood their torture techniques and refused to confess to a crime he didn’t commit. Today’s indictments carry one clear message: Cory Bigsby had nothing to do with Codi’s disappearance, and the Commonwealth’s failure to make a case is an admission to this fact.

The indictments at hand are absolute nonsense. The allegations against Cory could be made against any busy and struggling parent, as it seems the Commonwealth’s Attorney must be reminded that not everyone has a disposable income with which to hire day care or an Au Pair. The Commonwealth is desperate to convict Cory of something… anything… because they know that Mr. Bigsby will be filing complex federal litigation against the city to hold them accountable for their horrific conduct in this case. This case is not a prosecution… it’s a modern-day lynching.

Mr. Bigsby looks forward to his day in Court.

The Family Will Have a Press Conference on Friday, July 15, 2022 at 1 p.m."

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