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Hampton Health Department gets shipment of high-demand back-to-school vaccines

The facility previously said it experienced a shortage of required vaccines over due to a change in requirements and "high demand."

HAMPTON, Va. — The start of the school year also means students are required to get certain shots before heading to class. 

But if you called the Hampton Health Department this week, you likely heard this message: “Due to high demand, we are experiencing a vaccine supply shortage for Back To School visits.”

As of Wednesday morning, a voicemail for the department said the Tdap, HPV-9 and meningococcal vaccines were not available there.  

Hampton Health Department spokesperson Irene Ferrainolo said the department received a new shipment of vaccines Wednesday afternoon.  

The shortage was a result of a "double demand" because the department vaccinated very few students last August and September, Ferrainolo said. 

She also cited new state vaccination requirements. 

As of July, those include a dose of the HPV and meningococcal vaccines before seventh grade, and a second dose of the latter before high school senior year.

Kellie Goral, a spokesperson for Hampton City Schools, said school nurses have been working with some families until vaccines are available. 

"When our school nurses were following up with families the last two weeks about required vaccines, we heard from some families that stocks are low of the Meningococcal vaccine that is required for 7th and 12th graders," she said. 

As a workaround, families were asked to provide appointment cards from the providers stating when they’ll be able to get a shot. 

"With proof of the appointment card, our students were able to start school on time," said Goral. 

Ferrainolo said the shortage was not connected to COVID-19.

Anyone with questions should call the Hampton Health Department at 757-315-3766. 


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