HAMPTON, Va. (WVEC) -- Five Hampton police officers are back home after spending two weeks in Puerto Rico, where they helped those impacted by Hurricane Maria.

The officers were on traffic duty while in Puerto Rico, helping to navigate and direct traffic, which was chaotic as you can imagine.

That helped free up many of the Puerto Rican officers from traffic duties so they could answer more serious and pressing calls.

The officers worked about 12-hour days, taking breaks as they could.

They returned home, safe and sound, on Tuesday night.

The trip however, was personal for Master Patrol Officer Raymond Feliciano.

His father lives in the Western part of the island. The area is still badly damaged, and his father still without power.

But after working in the streets or about a week, Feliciano drove several hours to surprise his dad. It was his first time seeing his dad in about two years.

“It was very emotional for me,” Feliciano says “The first three weeks were agonizing not knowing his condition, so I was thankful to fly out to help the people of Puerto Rico and also check on my dad.”

PHOTOS: Hampton Police officers go to Puerto Rico