HAMPTON, Va. — On race day, it can get loud. The sound of the cars and the sound of the fans rumble on Saturdays at Langley Speedway in Hampton. 

The main attraction is the speedway but critical things happen before, during and after the race.

Vaughn Crittenden, director of media, unlocked the door to a structure in the middle of the track. It may look unimposing but the drivers know better.

"This is the tech shed. This is where a driver can win or lose a race any given night," he said.

The cars get checked before and after the race so a car may check out fine before heading to the starting line.

"BUT if you come in here after the race and say you’ve won, and they find something wrong with your car, this building can be your worst nightmare," Crittenden said.

While most fans watch from the bleachers, the top of the stands holds different booths and areas only a select few may go. 

One of those areas is race control, where NASCAR officials take their place. Next door is the media center where reporters do their jobs as racers round the track. On the other side of the media center "is our announcer’s booth. This is where our announcer calls all the action you hear here at the track or online on our live stream."

Take it from me, watching racing on TV or online is nothing compared to being at the track.