HAMPTON, Va. (WVEC) -- Tonya Slaton said in court that she killed her son whose remains Virginia State Police troopers found in the trunk of her car in 2015.

Slaton entered a guilty plea Friday, three days before her trial was supposed to start.

Her son, Quincy Jamar Davis, had not been seen for more than a decade when state police found his remains after a trooper pulled Slaton over on Interstate 64. During the stop, the trooper smelled rotting flesh and found Davis' cut-up remains in plastic bags hidden under the spare tire in the trunk.

The last time anyone remembered seeing Davis was in 2004 when he and his mom moved away from Virginia Beach.

A missing person report was never filed.

Court records said Davis died between July 2004 and July 2005.

Slaton will serve eight years in prison after a judge suspended two years of a 10-year sentence.