HAMPTON, Va. — New traffic controls are in place for Interstate 64 eastbound drivers who block both lanes of Settlers Landing Road in Hampton.

On Monday, Public Works crews put down traffic cones as lane dividers. It is designed to keep eastbound I-64 drivers in the right lane, rather than blocking all traffic.

The beginning of the lane dividers starts at the foot of the bridge, just after the Eaton Street intersection. After that, drivers will not be able to switch lanes. The right-hand lane will be the only way to reach Hampton University, the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, the Harbor Apartments and the Harbor Shopping Center, as well as I-64 eastbound, from downtown Hampton.

Police, Public Works crews and signs will help reinforce the new traffic pattern. The measure is a test to see how well it controls traffic for two weeks.

When drivers block Settlers Landing Road it becomes a safety hazard to first responders. 

Once the test is complete, the city will ask for the public's feedback.