HAMPTON, Va. (WVEC) -- Power was knocked out in Hampton on Monday afternoon, after a hawk flew into some power lines.

The resulting electrocution sent sparks down to the ground below, which created a brush fire in the first block of Semple Farm Road around 12:45 p.m.

Hampton Fire Rescue Battalion Chief Anthony Chittum said about a 100-by-100 foot area underneath the power lines caught fire. It took firefighters about 20 minutes to bring the fire under control.

Dominion crews worked to restore power from the outage that resulted from the incident.

A singed squirrel was found clutched in the hawk's talons. Fire officials think the hawk caught the squirrel and then flew up, attempting to land on top of the power pole to enjoy its meal. Instead, it touched a live power line, electrocuting both bird and squirrel and setting the woods below on fire.