NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WVEC) -- A judge found the former kennel manager at a local business guilty of animal cruelty.

A dog named “Bruce” died at Coastal Dog Services in Newport News during the summer. Another dog attacked him in June.

Adam and Lindsey Blackmon are Bruce’s owners. They are pleased with the verdict.

“I feel like justice was served,” Adam Blackmon says. “It's been a long time coming but I feel the charge of animal cruelty is fair.”

The judge determined Lewis didn't meet adequate care requirements, which could have prevented the deadly attack.

Lewis, however, told the judge, “I do not feel I did anything wrong.”

She also said she didn't think Bruce's injuries were life threatening, which is why she didn't him to an emergency veterinarian immediately.

Adam Blackmon says Lewis assured him their dog would be okay.

“There was a lack of integrity from Jennifer Lewis in how she treated Bruce after the attack happened,” Blackmon says.

Bruce is the first reported dog to die at Coastal this summer. A dog named “Fenway” also died at the business in August.

“We trusted them to care for our dog and it had the worst outcome,” Lindsey Blackmon says. “It ruined our summer, it's affected our family a lot, it was our kids first puppy.”

Lewis is not allowed to work with animals and she must be on good behavior for a year or else she'll serve 60-days in jail. She also must serve 50-hours of community service and pay $675 in joint restitution.

The Blackmon’s say they're ready for Coastal to shut down.

“This could have gone under the radar, but I'm glad it's front and center,” Adam Blackmon says. “I feel good about the animal cruelty charge and look forward to the next court hearing against Coastal.”

All of the charges are misdemeanors; the charges related to the August investigation are scheduled to be heard in Newport News General District Court on December 13, 2017 at 1 p.m.