NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WVEC) -- Bullet holes in homes and cars.

That was the surprising sight people woke up to in a Newport News neighborhood. Someone fired those shots on Lucas Creek Road, south of Colony Road.

It's an area that isn't accustomed to much crime. Now, neighbors are on alert.

Robert Bailey has lived on Lucas Creek Road 25 years. He says the area is quiet, and there are never any problems on his street.

“I'm shocked,” Bailey said.

Police said someone shot into a home sometime Monday night or early Tuesday morning. That same night, investigators said someone shot up a car at another home up the street.

Bailey lives across the street from the woman who had her car shot up. The next morning, he saw police at his neighbor's home.

“The shots woke me up,” Bailey said. “First heard a loud popping noise, then we heard four quick pops.”

Although both shootings happened a couple of blocks apart, investigators don't have enough information right now to say if they're related.

“I know the lady and she is not involved with drugs or bad people,” Bailey said. “I always think of drive-by shootings in bad neighborhoods but not here on Lucas Creek.”