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MAKING A MARK: Woman makes care kits for people with breast cancer

For people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, the diagnosis can be terrifying. Shanae Davis-Wilson is spreading a little joy to patients and survivors.

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — Inside each kit, the same things. Behind each kit, the same thought.

"Socks, a necklace, a pendant... All of the items that I include in my packages have a meaning," said Shanae Davis-Wilson. She sells breast cancer care kits through her business, Bows4Awareness. 

"I began making hair bows... It just evolved from there," said Davis-Wilson.

Her business grew with help from family and friends. She recalled help from her sister and caretaker, as well as community businesses that donated items. For each kit sold, she donates others to breast cancer patients and survivors.

"Last month, I sold approximately 30 kits, but I donated 55 kits," said Davis-Wilson. "I care. I'm putting my caring into action."

Her mission has been to make people smile. While that may seem small to some, Davis-Wilson said she knows firsthand just how big it can be.

"I was re-diagnosed in 2020 with stage 4 breast cancer," said Davis-Wilson. "When I went for my radiosurgery treatment... [I wrote] five wishes on what I want my family to do if something happens to me."

"But I said, 'I'm going to still smile,'" said Davis-Wilson. "'I'm going to still serve my purpose here on earth.'"

That purpose, said Davis-Wilson, is to use her own battle to fuel her fight for others.

"You have to be able to live in a world, love in a world, experience pain in a world together," said Davis-Wilson. "I can give all I have to someone and that will make me happy."

Breast cancer care kits cost $6.00 for a small package and $12.00 for a large package. To purchase one or nominate someone to receive a kit, send an email to bows4awareness@gmail.com. You can also make donations through PayPal.

Author's Note: The video below is on file from Oct. 18, 2021.