Newport News police arrested a man for possibly abusing his 3-month-old son. 

According to police, the infant's mother noticed the child was being fussy and not moving his arm after she had picked the child up from his father. 

She took her son to a local hospital on April 11, where the staff found multiple injuries on the infant.

Hospital staff then called the Newport News Police Department. Child Protective Services and Newport News Special Victim Unit were also notified.

Police investigated, and on Monday, arrested the child’s father, 23-year-old Dashawn Lakeem Bradshaw. Bradshaw is charged with assault, child abuse, and child neglect. 

According to court documents, doctors said the infant had a right femur fracture in several places, right tibia buckle fracture, bilateral rib fractures and a skull fracture.

Court documents go on to say that Bradshaw acknowledged he may have caused the injuries.

He also admitted he may have been too rough with his son, and that he possibly blacked out at one point and remembers popping the child in the leg at least twice.

13News Now spoke with the infant's mother Kenah Davis over the phone.

"I have been heartbroken," Davis said. "I have not said he did anything on purpose. I don't know, but no one has been around him but me and his dad."

Davis said she's never known Bradshaw to be an abusive father.

"Even if it wasn't intentional it was too rough," Davis said. "It will take me time before I can forgive him."

13News Now also spoke with Bradshaw's uncle Taurean, and Bradshaw's father as well. Both are certain the man they call "Bug" would never do what he's accused of doing.

"Bug would never, ever do anything like that to an infant, a baby," Bradshaw said. "This is his first son, he wanted to teach him how to box, play football. This was an accident."

Taurean Bradshaw said his nephew loved his son and other kids and wanted to be a good father.

Bradshaw's father Thomas Smith said his son told him he was taking responsibility for the incident but didn't do anything.

"That's not him at all," Bradshaw said. "Bug is a good father, this is a complete shock."

Bradshaw is in jail without bond. He’s back in court May 29