NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — So. Much. Dancing. 

Maybe it was because a cool, safe room and a free meal are not always guaranteed for everyone. 

Or maybe, it was because the kids in the Newport Harbor Community Center had, "Never seen someone that big before." 

There's a reason Derrick Nnadi and Rashaad Coward work on Sundays. 

The two NFL lineman don't just share size and employment, they both have local ties. Nnadi played at Ocean Lakes High School in Virginia Beach, and Coward graduated from Old Dominion University.  Coward does hail from Brooklyn, and, yes, he's excited about Kevin Durant.

Oh hold on, I forgot another mutual quality, they care. 

They both showed up on a day off, in 300 degree heat, to eat, hang out and dance with kids who need it most, for absolutely nothing in return. That's caring. 

For some kids that's what they need most, and it's more than enough to make anyone dance.