NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WVEC) -- A police officer was bitten by a dog after the officer responded to a possible burglary in progress.

A spokesman for the Newport News Police Department said it happened in the 100 block of Kingsbury Dr. around noon Thursday. A woman said she heard someone kicking at the back door of her home.

When officers arrived, they asked the woman to meet them at the front of the home. Police heard dogs barking inside, and they told the woman to secure them.

A 4-year-old pit bull went out of the front door and bit one officer on the arm. Once the dog let go, he charged at a second officer who then shot the dog. That officer was not bitten or injured.

The dog bite was considered minor, and medics treated the officer there.

The owner of the pit bull told 13News Now that the dog's name was Brock and that he took him to a veterinarian for treatment before bringing the dog home.

Although Brock was at home and seemed to be doing all right, the owner was not sure if the dog would survive. He said that Brock did not need surgery on Thursday, but that he could down the line if he survives.