All week we’ve been talking about food challenges, from pizza to chicken wings, but what about breakfast?

We found someone to take on the Charlie’s challenge at Charlie’s American Cafe in Norfolk.

“Can I do it? I don’t know. We’re about to find out,” said Anne De Jong.

We’re about to find out if she can scarf down a dozen-egg omelet with habanero salsa and eight pancakes all within an hour!

“I’m concerned about these pancakes, that’s what was making me nervous,” she said.

Nervous, but she’s off!

Anne said it’s a little bit spicy, not super spicy. It has a little kick. “I knew it was the nerves that were going to get me,” said Anne. “You don’t want to be a quitter, do you,” her sister, Beth said.

Anne replied, “No.”

And to make things worse Beth was on Facebook Live the entire time. “So, um, all of the people who convinced her to come can see it as well,” said Beth. “It’s just one of her many talents.”

Will she make it? “You see how dense these pancakes are,” Anne said.

“Come on, eat, eat, eat,” shouted Beth.

And just like that, time was up.

“Awww! The time. I’m not full, but I’m not a timed eater,” said Anne. “I’ll be back when the cameras aren’t here. Don’t take it personally.”

Ted Warren, owner of Charlie’s American Cafe, said they started the challenge about 10 years ago and in that time. “We’ve probably done 120 attempts and out of that maybe 17 victors.”

Charlie’s American Cafe also does a military challenge and whichever branch wins, they will fly that branch’s flag. If you would like to give it a shot, just check out Charlie’s American cafe on Granby Street in Norfolk.