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FRIDAY FLAVOR: Mea Culpa cafe in Norfolk gets creative with food, drinks

The neighborhood cafe serves unique menu items in Norfolk including savory oatmeal.

NORFOLK, Va. — Mea Culpa is a cute café located off Colonial Ave in Norfolk. 

The owners, Cristina Angelo and Kristopher Harvey recently opened the location after four years of running Wallfetina, a pop-up food business. 

Some of the same items are still offered at their Norfolk location, but they are able to get creative with the food and drinks they now serve. 

"Oftentimes we were in a brewery with just a table and some cooking equipment. We just offered the waffle sandwiches which we love and enjoy and we know everyone else loves them too, but we also wanted the opportunity to make whatever we wanted with the equipment we now have here,” Angelo said.

The menu at Mea Culpa is small but unique. They offer items like mango lattes and eggplant waffle sandwiches. 

Their savory oatmeal is one of the few items on their rotating menu that is always available due to popularity. This is another item that is quite unique though. Onions, walnuts and chili spice are just a few of the ingredients in their savory oatmeal and it’s absolutely worth trying!

The owners have recently been renting out the space to use for parties or events. They even allow charities to use the space for free!

Look out for some future meet-ups at the café where the owners plan to host groups of people to talk about some of the issues of the day and hold thought-provoking conversations.

You can find more information, including their email address, at www.meaculpacafe.com.