NORFOLK, Va. — Some flowers are blooming across Hampton Roads and with warm weather, some people are starting to feel the pain from pollen and other allergens.

13News Now Meteorologist Tim Pandajis said the pollen levels Thursday aren’t record-breaking, but they're high.

“We’re seeing our pollen levels and particularly our tree pollen start to grow," explained Tim. “We’re at about a 10 out of a 12-point pollen scale."

Tim went on to say the reason for that is because we’ve had so much rain in recent months, from late winter to early spring. We also should see a jump in grass pollen.

"It could be misery for several weeks until we get a good soaking rain to wash out the air," Tim said.

Allergies are giving many people that itchy, achy, eye-irritating sensation. If you have pollen-related allergies, you might experience sneezing, a stuffy nose or even a headache.

Allergists recommend staying indoors and using air conditioning. If you go outside, it's not a bad idea to wear a mask over your nose and mouth. When you come inside, shower the pollen off your skin.

If allergies really cause you trouble, ear, nose and throat specialist Doctor Joseph Han from Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) said you may need to hit a pharmacy.

"The over-the-counter medication that is probably most effective is nasal steroids,” Han said. 

The doctor suggested taking antihistamines when pollen is high and before the symptoms start because it’s not going to slow down any time soon.

Tim said, “We get the breezes coming in the next few days out of the south, it’s just going to be blowing around all the pollen. The next few days are not going to be very good.”