NORFOLK, Va (WVEC) -- Hampton Roads Transit is making changes to its bus snow routes region wide after many people were confused during our area's recent blizzard.

Some riders told 13News Now on Tuesday that they didn't even know the designated routes existed.

Others say the wait times were too long.

"Say if I were to take the bus stop, my designation might be 20 minutes away," said Jesse Smith, an HRT rider. "So, if I'm walking that's like a 40 minute walk or if I'm riding a bike..that's like a half an hour ride on the bike."

HRT said people showed up to wrong stops that did not have the snowflake symbol, which indicates a route stop.

Now, the agency plans to study the routes, which were implemented in 2014, and possibly move snow stops along busier routes to reduce confusion.

"I think something that is closer to what customers are used to now, but perhaps with less frequency, said Tom Holden, with HRT. “At least something that's basic for a snow event so [customers] can get around."

Snow routes are put in place when the forecast calls for six or more inches of snow.

"HRT does not have snow plow equipment,” said Holden.

Operations all depend on whether road conditions allow.

You can view the current map, here.

Holden said the study is currently underway and changes could go into effect by next year.