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Norfolk Police Chief: Minneapolis officers 'should be charged'

There are no mincing words as Norfolk Police Chief Larry Boone said that the Minneapolis officers' actions that led to the death of George Floyd were not lawful.

NORFOLK, Va. — Police chiefs across Hampton Roads have felt the impact of George Floyd’s death at the hands of law enforcement. 

“The officer with his knee on his neck should be terminated, should be fired, should be charged with murder. The officers standing around should be fired, should be terminated, should be charged with murder,” said Norfolk Chief Larry Boone. 

Boone expressed that the Minneapolis police officers' use of force was not lawful. 

“My thoughts go out to that family. I know the community is sick and tired of this kind of behavior from some officers,” said Boone.

On Thursday, Boone sent out a memo to his officers reminding them of the use of force procedures.

“I have instructed my staff to reiterate that type of action will not be tolerated. My officers, I hope that they know that if I receive a video such as that... actions will be swift.”

Boone said that if someone is taking video or sees any type of officer misconduct, to file a complaint with the Office of Professional Standards. An investigation will then begin immediately.

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