NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- January 15 is a day Americans celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Locally, activists have drawn inspiration from Dr. King's message.

Rocky Hines is a name that has been linked to many different local demonstrations and organizations around the area the last few years. He's someone who has popped up to march and advocate for social and racial equality.

He's a face, at 27-years-old, that is becoming known for being an activist spreading his message.

"It just so happens that I'm a young black male, so I gravitate towards the young black male a little bit more but it's not just about me or the young black male, it's about everyone being equal, regardless of your skin color," he said.

Since graduating from Norfolk State, Rocky has turned to activism to bring awareness to racial and social equality, from leading peace marches in Portsmouth to local organizations.

"Watching my father, who grew up in the Martin Luther King era and watching him say things in a certain way, the way he carries himself in public, I just clung towards that. It's what I was supposed to do," he said. "I'm just trying to take on the leadership role for my generation."