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Hampton Roads doctors lead walk along the Elizabeth River Trail for 'Prescribe-A-Trail' initiative

The doctors offer free health tips and answer questions. They say this new initiative is needed as communities grapple with the coronavirus pandemic.

NORFOLK, Va. — After days of rain, this weekend’s forecast is just what the doctor ordered.

Dr. Rock Vomer, Dr. John Whittendon, and Dr. Himani Bhasin are also prescribing some fresh air through a partnership with the Elizabeth River Trail Foundation. It’s an initiative called, Prescribe-A-Trail.

“We’ll walk and talk with anyone who wants to show up and have a conversation with a physician in a low key, informal type of format,” Vomer said.

“Our aim is to engage everyone, help promote health and wellness and build a community relationship.”

It’s a way to get fit and get answers.

The physicians say it’s needed, as communities grapple with the coronavirus pandemic.

“I think especially right now, with the COVID pandemic, a lot of people are really unsure and feel very unsettled by what’s happening in their communities and they just want easy answers and sometimes a lot of people get very scared to go to the doctor’s office," Whittendon said.

“We want to make sure the science and what health care providers are saying comes right from our mouths and people don’t get misinformation or misinterpretation.”  

It’s a free, one-mile community walk, led by the doctors. It's also an easy opportunity for anyone to connect with healthcare professionals and ask questions or get health tips.

“I’ve personally has a lot of questions come in from my friends, family towards the medical community," Bhasin said. "I think it’s a great way to connect outdoors, in a safe way with people, answer their questions.”

Dita Beard, assistant director of the Elizabeth River Trail, says it’s something they plan to do monthly.

“We’re going to go all through the winter," Beard said. "We’re hoping people will come out as the word spreads.”


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