NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) — Bobby and Erica “Sue” Lee just can’t stay away from their restaurant of 47 years.

“We’ve been closed for three days,” said Sue. “We’ve been coming here every day.”

But Far East Restaurant on E. Princess Anne Rd., the longest running Chinese food place in Norfolk, has officially closed its doors for good.

“My back,” said Bobby.

“And he’s getting to retirement age,” said Sue. “It’s time.”

Over the last half-century, the restaurant has gained a loyal following from locals who appreciate Chinese soul food. The restaurant is known for its brown gravy and stir-fry dishes cooked in a 100-year-old wok.

“Everybody loves the gravy,” said Sue.


The couple received goodbye cards from longtime customers, and their final day, last Saturday, was the busiest day they’ve ever had.

It’s the kind of sendoff this community staple deserved.

“We treat the customers like family and family treats us like family,” said Bobby.