NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Snow and ice are melting across Hampton Roads leaving a slick mess. One important way to stay safe while on the roads is to make sure your car is in good condition, which includes your tires.

When it is cold outside, a lot of cars will flash low tire pressure on the dashboard.

One mechanic told 13NewsNow, it's important to take that signal seriously.

"Rule number one is if that light is on, check your tire pressure," said Richard Quinn, head mechanic at Ward's Corner Shell in Norfolk.

He said tires take a beating in the colder months.

"Tire pressure is key to anything. It's gonna affect your fuel mileage, it's gonna affect how well you get traction on the road," Quinn said.

He went on to say drivers need to set their pressure when the vehicle is cold, making sure to not drive more than a mile.

"Driving a vehicle creates heat in the tires, so when you inflate the tires to the proper pressure with them hot, once the car cools back off you no longer have the proper air pressure setting on the tire," he said.

Once properly inflated that monitor should shut off.

If it comes on and blinks, Quinn said your car needs to be checked.

"If it stays on flashing, it indicates there's a problem, the TPMS system, and that you need to have it addressed by your local repair shop."