NORFOLK, Va. — It looks and feels like a Hollywood production, but it's all taking place in Norfolk.

The movie, "The Gateway," starring Olivia Munn, is currently being shot in Ghent.

Producer Stephen Israel spent summers in Hampton Roads as a kid and is excited to be back here, where he has already made two movies before.

"Norfolk is a very, very welcoming place and the city government makes it really attractive and easy to come here," said Israel.

Israel said when it comes to finding a talented crew, you don't have to leave the 757. Eighty percent of the crew is local.

"I have had so many compliments from my LA people about how great the crews are here," said Israel

Some of these local crew members have worked all over the world but said there is something special about shooting in your own back yard.

"It's great to be able to go home and sleep in your bed at night, see your family," said producer and production manager Kenneth Altman of Chesapeake.

For other locals, this is a big-time opportunity to break into the business.

"Like this is going to grant me my SAG eligibility, which gives me the eligibility to join the actors union for film," said stand-in Jake Kantor of Virginia Beach. "A big check off my to-do list."

Then there's Andra Rosenberg, who is a hairdresser in Ghent. It's her first full-time movie gig.

"17 years in and I'm starting a new branch of how the film industry works," said Rosenberg.

She said styling a movie star's hair is an opportunity she never expected in Norfolk.

"And then I bring that back to my salon. I am able to use a lot of information through work and share the news with my clients," said Rosenberg.

The benefits of this movie far outreach the crew. Local businesses are also sharing the spotlight.

Larry  Friedman of M and G Sales Company has been supplying some of the outfits.

''It's nice. The wardrobe and props people come in and mention an actor or actress that will be in it and you know them. You've seen them on the screen," said Friedman.

While Orapax has gotten so friendly with the movie, they know the production members favorite dishes.

"They come in like a storm, like a wrecking ball. They are mic-ed up. They are fast. They know what they want. Great people though, super friendly," said bartender JB Harris.

"The Gateway," a modern-day gritty, crime thriller based in St. Louis, wraps production later this month.