NORFOLK, Va. — Looking to adopt a bunny? Well, this might be the best time to do it!

The Norfolk Animal Care Center is full of bunnies, and they need them to be adopted.

In a Facebook post, the center said it had 11 bunnies, and they have no room for more to be brought in. The organization reached out to rabbit rescues for assistance, but unfortunately, no one was able to help.

Adoption fees have been lowered to try and help clear out the rabbits. It costs $25 to adopt, and it includes spay/neuter for the bunnies too.

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The Norfolk SPCA Executive Director Kimberly Sherlaw believes educating the public and prospective adopters on the joys and responsibilities of adopting a rabbit will encourage families to consider this often overlooked pet.

“Rabbits are intelligent animals, which require the same love and commitment of a dog or a cat,” says Sherlaw.

Not sure about getting a pet rabbit?

The Norfolk SPCA said the basics of taking care of a rabbit include feeding, housing, and general care and socialization.

Their average life expectancy is 8-10 years. Families looking to adopt a rabbit should be prepared to make that commitment.

Rabbits eat pellets, leafy veggies, and occasional treats Rabbit housing is encouraged to be indoors. Some can even be litter box trained.

With plenty of socialization, companionship, behavior and environmental enrichment, rabbits thrive. 

“Do your research and understand bunny breeds, behavior, housing, and dietary requirements,” recommends Sherlaw. “I give my rabbits hay and fresh fruits and veggies daily. Their favorite treat is a slice of banana.

Click here to learn more about caring for a pet rabbit. 

All rabbits available for adoption at the Norfolk SPCA, 916 Ballentine Blvd. and the Norfolk Animal Care Center, 5585 Sabre Rd. are spayed and neutered. Check frequently for adoption specials.

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