NORFOLK, Va. — Bold Mariner Brewing Company said it will transform an empty building in East Ocean View into its new home.

The company made the announcement in a press release on Tuesday. Bold Mariner completed a deal to allow it to convert the former Bank of The Commonwealth at 1901 E. Ocean View Ave. into its base of operation. 

The company will close its original location in Lambert's Point, and all production will move into the building in East Ocean View, once construction is complete.

"It's critical to recognize that we made the decision after careful consideration. We realize that some people will be disappointed in our departure from Lambert's Point, but we are confident that we will attract them, and many more new patrons to our bigger location in Ocean View," Company President Mike Stacks said.

Initially, the company planned on turning the East Ocean View Avenue property into a second location. After considering local brewery trends, Bold Mariner decided the current market was too unpredictable to open the second spot.

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The plan is to move the current ten-barrel brewhouse, along with the brite tanks, and fermentors to the 7,000 square-foot East Ocean View location. The building there will have space to host private events, have wrap-around porches upstairs and downstairs, and a spacious tasting room.

The new location also will be near beach access.

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